Here are a few of the most common questions about Make Room. If you have more questions please contact us at any time. We’d love to answer any questions you may have.

There are times when borrowing is the best step for the kingdom. We believe that a person of integrity should pay their debts on time, whether that is a loan or a lease. Generally it is wise to get out of debt to avoid interest, but the Great Commission is a clear command that trumps the principle of being out of debt. Consequently, we are willing to borrow money for capital projects to reach more people for Jesus.

Along with Dave Ramsey and many others we believe that people should get out of consumer debt, such as credit card debt. However, debt is not a sin, and we agree with many financial counselors that it is wise to borrow money for a home and to build a business. So over the years Christ Fellowship will borrow money and we will seek to pay it down as fast as possible. Those two are not in conflict.

This is one of the reasons for Make Room. We are out of room for our adult groups. Once the renovations and additions are complete, we will renovate existing children’s spaces specifically for adults so that we have plenty of rooms for Bible studies and other adult groups. Our new plan provides more room for adults including two larger spaces we will share, the Worship Center East for 400, and the Elementary/Student worship space for 260.
Schematic Design with the architect is completed and we are moving into the Design Development phase. We will wait on the more intensive and expensive construction drawings until we know the amount of our total commitments. We are in the process of creating those drawings and will then move to permitting and then break ground as soon as possible. We hope to finish construction for the 2018 school year.
Professionals will coordinate construction to minimize impact on Sunday mornings and other ministry times. We’ll embrace it as a new adventure, and we will certainly need more helpers in the parking lot!
That’s a great question. Most husbands and wives are not wired exactly the same when it comes to giving. In terms of financial giving, Dave Ramsey often says that in most marriages there is one “saver” and one “spender.” So, how do we get on the same page? Here’s a blog post with a few simple suggestions. Read the post here.
We have not used the gym as a gym for years. In the 1990s churches were building gym/worship spaces but few do that anymore. We want people playing sports out in the community representing Christ.
While the details have not been worked out, construction will be done in stages. For example, Worship Center East must be completed before renovations to the gym can begin because Spanish worship on Sundays and student worship on Wednesdays must continue during construction.