God has called us to make an impact where he has placed us – which happens to be one of the fastest growing areas in the country.

When we talk about the need to Make Room at Christ Fellowship, it’s about more than making physical space. Yes, we need more classrooms. Yes, we need more parking. Yes, we need places to teach and care for children, students and adults. But bigger than that is the call God has given us to Make Room in our hearts. We are here to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ to help people find and follow Christ. Will you make room in your heart?

Bruce B. Miller, Senior Pastor


Children are scattered all across the building, in rooms not designed for them.

Parents with children ages 3, 5 and 8 walk about 700 steps before taking their seats in the Worship Center. For young ones in tow, that’s nearly a half-mile in little people steps – that’s a lot of steps!

Our current facility is an obstacle for safety conscious families with young children. We need a better solution.

There is not enough parking for families on Sunday mornings. Getting in and out of the parking lot can be a challenge with only one access point on Orchid Drive.

More than 100 high school students pack into a crowded space for worship and then fill every available space and room on campus with student small groups on Wednesdays.

Adults pack into any remaining spaces in our building for group gatherings and leader trainings.


This is the easiest to ask for and the hardest to do. This is a spiritual battle, and we have got to pray. Join your church family in this prayer:

Lord, what would you have me and my family do to accomplish your will at Christ Fellowship?



Prayerfully consider a financial commitment, over and above your current giving during the campaign through May 2018. If you already have a MAKE ROOM pledge, pray about extending your commitment one more year. 


Spread the word about what God is doing here at Christ Fellowship. Let your neighbors know that we are making room for them. Learn about the need and the project. Stay looped in. It’s OK to ask questions.